Very interesting piece. To me, Google Photos was always a mess at organizing your photos. Everything is there. But how to find it? You make this point well. But let’s say, you want to delete all your photos on a service. On Google Photos, I have not found a quick way to do that. On Flickr, SmugMug or Apple Photos deleting all your photos is easy. To me, Google Photos is like a messy roach motel. Easy to get in, hard to get out and not much fun while you’re there. I also wonder about the “bait and switch.” It’s really off putting. Google is just raising prices pure and simple after it drove out competition.

I love SmugMug and Flickr. I use both. The community on Flickr is wonderful. I find Flickr inspiring. For me, SmugMug is a place to share my best images. SmugMug and Flickr both have Lightroom integration, which I use almost daily. It’s a huge timesaver for me. And SmugMug even has two way synchronization between Lightroom and SmugMug. I wish Flickr had this as well.

I would love to store all my RAW files in the cloud. Adobe Lightroom will do that (the non-classic version). However, for me the storage is too expensive and for now I would lose features compared with Lightroom Classic. I expect that will change but I don’t know when. Flickr and SmugMug would need to charge a lot more to make it if they were to store RAW photos. But again, that may change.

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